You’ve just got married and are looking forward to a fantastic meal and enjoying your wonderful wedding reception.

Not so fast! As the groom you have one more vital job to carry out before you show your friends and family just how well you and your wife can dance. You've got a speech to deliver, of course!

Here are some tried and tested tips.

Avoid turning your speech into a list of thanks

There are potentially dozens of people you could thank, from the florist, catering staff and even the guy who dropped you off to the reception venue. Please don’t take this as the opportunity to show your gratitude. You have a lot to get through and only certain people deserve praise during the 5 to 10 minutes you'll be speaking.

Mention the parents

It should go without saying that you definitely need to mention your parents in your speech. 

It could be the only opportunity you have to thank them publicly for doing such a wonderful job bringing you up, so make sure you have a few nice words to say how much you appreciate them.

You also need to mention the bride's parents...even if you still haven't forgiven your new father-in-law for that CIA-like grilling he gave you when you first started going out with his daughter.

Focus on your bride

Your speech will be nearing its end before you know it, but leave a good chunk of time to mention your new wife.

This the one chance you'll get to let everyone know how happy you are to have married the love of your life and how you are a better person for having met her.

Don’t go overboard recounting stories about the two of you that will lose your audience. Keep your speech focused on the bride’s personality. Include a brief story about how you met and what a wonderful future you are looking forward to having with her.