Father of the bride speech - what to include

As father of the bride, you’re usually the first one to speak to the wedding guests. Think of yourself as the warm-up act.

Keep it concise

Similar to the best man speech, you want to be aiming for a speech that is under 10 minutes but is no shorter than 5.

Play on the proud dad moment

It’s the moment of a lifetime - you’ve just given your daughter away and you’ll probably be feeling quite emotional. Having seen your beautiful daughter tie the knot, you now have to tell a room full of family and friends just how you feel.

Avoid the internet jokes

While you are not under the same pressure as the best man to make your audience laugh, there will be a certain expectation that you will deliver a heartfelt speech with some humour thrown in for good measure.

Include a few light-hearted gags, but the main focus of your speech should be letting everyone know just how much your beautiful daughter means to you.

Focus on your daughter’s achievements

You don’t need to provide a run-down of her achievements starting from her primary school sports day, but are there any special moments in her life that make you immensely proud of her? If so, be sure to mention them.

Be nice to your new son-in-law

It might sound old fashioned, but as father of the bride you have a certain responsibility to welcome the groom into the family fold and speak on behalf of your entire clan.

Use the speech as an opportunity to tell the groom how much you like him – it may be the only time you ever get the chance to do so!  

Words of wisdom

As the wise man you undoubtedly are, try to finish your speech with a few parting words of advice for the happy couple. Ifyou’re married, what does it mean to you after all these years later?